Planning an event can sometimes be tricky but for many people out there, this is something that they love to do. This can be the case so much so that people even pursue careers in event planning or event decoration. But whatever the case may be, when people are in a position where they are planning an event, they will likely have to think about what decorations they are going to implement.

This can be a crucial step and they will have to think about what suits that style of event e.g. an engagement party may be very different than a male’s 40th birthday. And planners will also have to pick options that will suit the person (or people) that the occasion is for. This means that they will have to focus on different styles and colours.

In many cases, people will implement different kinds of centrepieces on the tables as they can be organised to suit the style of the event. The only thing is that they can sometimes be problematic which is why this article will look at why people should forget about centrepieces and should use stylish balloon columns instead.


People should implement balloon columns instead because people can free up precious space on their tables

While people always mean well when they are implementing table decorations, they can sometimes be a little problematic. They will usually look fantastic, however, when it comes to serving the food, they will often take up precious space. This is because there needs to be plenty of room for dinnerware, cutlery, serving utensils, drinks, napkins, as well as much more.

This can sometimes leave people bumping arms when they are trying to eat or having to lean over each other just to try to get to something such as the salt and pepper shakers. The good news is that this chaos can easily be avoided by getting rid of any centrepiece decorations altogether. People can instead opt for balloon columns which can be placed in convenient places in the venue where they aren’t going to be taking up precious space and bothering guests.


People should implement balloon columns as they make for fantastic photo opportunities

One of the biggest problems with implement centrepieces is that people aren’t usually able to capture good shots. This is because they won’t want to accidentally have someone else in the photo or there may be bits of cutlery and other food utensils in the shot. Even if the item is extremely extravagant and looks fantastic, the photo opportunity is often waste simply because of where the item is.

Thankfully, people are able to think a little bit outside of the box and can instead implement balloon columns. They can easily be placed in areas that are free from other clutter and where guests are able to capture fantastic shots which they can then share on their social media accounts. If people want to get really creative, they can even implement several different balloon columns to create a magical entranceway of sorts which people will have to walk through in order to enter the event.

As it can be seen, there is much more versatility when it comes to this option. Because of this, people should seriously consider going down this path when they are planning their next event rather than implementing things that can be a nuisance. This can help ensure their event is taken to the next level and is something that guests are sure to remember for a long time to come.