I-image tax professionals monitor current tax laws and proposed changes to provide our clients with support related to their individual or business tax matters. As your advocate, we continually look for a new approach or new strategy that could provide you with significant advantages. Our unique tax planning and consulting services can help you and/or your business realize significant benefits.
Our Tax Consulting team has expertise in a variety of specific tax areas. The team offers comprehensive, value-added consulting services in these tax areas:

• Personal
• Entities (LLC, Corporate, Partnership) and Transactions
• Succession Planning
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• State, Local, and Multi-State issues
• Sales and Use
• Wealth Preservation and Transfer, including Estate Planning, Gifting, and Trusts
• International

The Best Planning Begins Before Something Happens

Complying with the myriad of tax filing requirements is important for you and your business. The tax planning activities related to those filings are an integral part of any long-term business strategy and personal investment plan. I-image appreciates and understands the importance of the year-round tax planning process. Our tax experts focus on guiding and supporting our clients every step of way.