When it comes to renovating, building or selling a property, knocking down parts of the building may be an essential part of the process. Hiring demolition contractors in Sydney can help you get your property ready for future work. Getting a professional to do the job for you is the safest, cleanest and most efficient means of doing so. Before enlisting the help of a business, read this guide – it will explain everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

When to seek help

There are typically two major reasons why you might want to enlist the assistance of demolition contractors in Sydney. These are:


If you own a commercial property and want to upgrade or sell, you may be considering razing. Typically, before a commercial property can be sold, it must be deemed ready for future use by removing any unnecessary features such as bench tops or wall fixtures. Getting rid of these things yourself can be challenging and potentially dangerous, hence why people use demolition contractors in Sydney to get the job done.


If you own a residential property and are looking to renovate or sell, razing may be an essential part of the process. Renovating and selling may require you to do things such as take down a wall in order to open up a room, or remove old unwanted fixtures to make space for new building or painting. Removing unnecessary walls are also a great way to improve the resale value of your home; getting rid of a wall between a kitchen and a dining room, for instance, can open up the floor space and make the property look more spacious and modern.

What services they offer

Demolition contractors in Sydney offer a range of services. These include:

Strip out

A strip out involves taking out all non-essential elements of a room. These include structural features, such as temporary ceilings and floor coverings, and utility systems, such as electricity, gas, lighting and water.

Removal of kitchens and bathrooms

Removing benchtops, tiles and appliances is something that demolition contractors in Sydney are experienced at.

Small-scale razing

For the renovation and repurposing of spaces, small-scale razing may be suitable. This involves getting rid of floors, doorframes, walls – virtually anything. This is done safely and the waste is carefully disposed of.

How to find a trustworthy provider

In order to find a business you can trust, it is worth using word-of-mouth and online reviews as guidance. Ensure that the reviews are genuine. Check the company’s website for reliable contact information and assess the quality of the website; avoid sites that appear scammy or poor quality. Ensure that the business offers you transparent pricing and doesn’t add any extra hidden costs at the end of the day.

How much they cost

Costs for demolition contractors in Sydney may vary depending on multiple factors, such as the scale of the job, the size of the property, the materials to be removed, and whether landscape must be cleared beforehand. Pricing is usually determined by square foot. A typical job may set you back around $18,000, whilst cheaper jobs may be as low as $3,000 and more expensive ones could cost over $26,000.

How to prepare for the event

You’ll want to determine what sort of job you want doing and the extent to which it will be carried out. Figure out whether you want everything removed or just certain things. Once you’ve done this, tell your provider – they will carry out all the necessary council paperwork. You will then need to make sure you have transported your belongings into storage so the team is able to work effectively.

It is also worth checking with your insurance provider to cover for any accidents that may leave you liable to legal issues. The materials that are to be removed may be reusable or resellable, so determine whether you’d like to do this and tell the demolition contractors in Sydney you’ve hired before the big day.

What happens afterwards

How waste is dealt with varies depending on the business. Typically, however, the aftermath of the bulldozing project is taken to landfill, or put into a recycling program. Businesses who recycle debris may take longer as the process depends on waiting for sub-contractors to come and remove specific materials type by type.

Generally, the more varied the materials, the longer it will take to recycle them all. Some businesses may also keep some of the waste materials for themselves and sell them for profit, as they may be worth a decent amount of money.


Hiring demolition contractors in Sydney is an effective way to complete strip out or razing work. Ensure you check online reviews to find a reputable provider.