Top benefits of mobile sandblasting

It’s always best to remove old paint band coatings before reapplying a new one. From experience, one of the top reasons why paints and other coatings age is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Mobile sandblasting is the common way of removing paints and coatings off a surface before applying a new one. It is regarded as one of the best methods for removing paints and coatings from durable materials like metal, brick, and wood. Businesses also use this technique to etch signs and designs into any wood and metal, among other materials.

Even though the term “sandblasting” is still widely used in the industry, the term is fast phasing out. Why? Thanks to advancements in technology, sand, which used to be the primary material used in the process, is gradually replaced with abrasive substrates.

What are the benefits of mobile sandblasting?

Mobile sandblasting
Sandblasting in chamber. Worker makes sand blast cleaning of metal detail

To give you a sneak peek of how this process works, it involves propelling small and coarse or granulated materials (usually sand) at incredibly high speed to either etch or clean coated surfaces.

As we hinted earlier, many businesses or companies use this process for etching designs into hard and durable materials. One such company is metal fabrication companies. And they prefer this process because of its effectiveness and flexibility — by flexibility, we mean wide application.

Having mentioned that, let’s touch on the benefits of this procedure.

  • Simplicity

As you can imagine, mobile sandblasting is a relatively simple and easy job. However, it can be daunting and overwhelming if you are not a professional.

For amateurs and non-professionals, the process can be particularly strenuous. If you have the right tools, all you have to do is tarp underneath the surface to make it easy to clean. Afterward, you can proceed to remove the tarp and extra material.

  • Versatility

Mobile sandblasting is applauded for its flexibility and ease of use — it has a wide variety of uses. It may interest you to know that this proess can be used to strip pavement in addition to removing paint from surfaces.

Regarding “removal,” What it does is to remove dirt and contaminants from surfaces. Leaving you with a polished and properly primed surface for painting. Speaking of versatility, in addition to metal and wood, mobile sandblasting can also be used on delicate surfaces like tabletops and precision parts.

  • Mobile sandblasting can be used for rust Removal

One doesn’t have to be a scientist to know that rust is an issue of great concern because of its danger to metal products. It results in corrosion of metals and spread fast to other metallic surfaces, thereby leading to property damage.

Not many people know this, but rust can cause serious damage to machinery if one piece or part of the machine rusts or cause them to malfunction.

To save yourself the cost of replacing costly machine parts, you can sandblast the surface to remove rust without compromising the machine’s integrity.

  • Safety

Regardless of your industry or what you intend to use mobile sandblasting for, it would help if you were concerned about safety. The last thing you want is small particles getting into your nose or exposing yourself to harmful materials.

Thankfully, mobile sandblasting is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly process.

Since you are using sand, there is no risk of breathing in harmful dust. Similarly, no harmful materials or chemicals are used in the process. All of these make the process and materials used harmless to both the environment and people — the materials can be easily disposed of without fear of environmental pollution.

  • Excellent Results

Recall that mobile sandblasting is quick, easy and effective. It can remove coats, dirt and contaminants from surfaces without causing damage to the products or ruining their appearance.