One accident on a worksite is one accident too many when it comes to the mindset of builders who have a duty of care to their staff to adhere to.

Incidents where specialists fall, are exposed to dangerous wiring, toxic chemicals or are hit by falling objects are all too commonplace within environments that are fertile for injuries to take place.

Especially for a city like Perth with ongoing development projects attempting to keep pace with the rate of growth and investment in the capital of Western Australia, the need to follow precaution and protocol is as great as it ever was.

Here is where organisations have a responsibility to construct and monitor scaffolding in Perth with an eye for detail, ensuring that no detail large or small is overlooked for the sake of speed or convenience.

Let us outline where these safety measures are put in place to mitigate against accidents in the workplace.


Run Comprehensive Inspection Checks

For scaffolding in Perth to be functioning correctly and viable for those participants needing to use its flexibility and strength, it must be privy to a full and comprehensive inspection check. This will ideally be conducted by an independent third party before any construction or development takes place. Even in the course of the project, there will be regularly scheduled inspection checks administered at the beginning of every shift. This will allow site managers to run a gauge on all manner of issues – issues that we will go into greater depth on here.


Train Every Staff Member

From carpenters to council workers, architects and construction specialists, scaffolding in Perth can only be safely accessed if every staff member is trained and educated. This will feature a license specification and a training course that runs through the various modules of safe practice. Public and private organisations who allow individuals onto these sites without the appropriate certification and coverage are not insured in case of an accident and will be liable for any injury or damage that is incurred as a result.


Remove Waste and Debris

Waste and debris are usually to blame when there are accidents that are registered with scaffolding in Perth, seeing workers struck or falling over these items when they should have been cleared. A cluttered construction environment is primed for human error as it can be tough to negotiate the tight spaces and maneuver heavy equipment between pillars and stories. To be considered safe, one of the repeated behaviours that should be utilised is the regular clearance of these loads to an offsite premises or depot.


Utilise Harness Protections

So long as the designer has included the correct implementation of the guardrails that are necessary for scaffolding in Perth to succeed, then harness protection is required to eliminate the chances of a fall. There are a variety of restraints that are linked to the appropriate connection points as every worker must have strapping on their person and belt to tie the harness together. This requirement will link directly back to the inspection process as the site manager will approve or disprove of any specialist who will be climbing the scaffold over the span of the day.



The safety of workers operating with scaffolding in Perth will come down to a healthy combination of regulation and the application of common sense by the professionals. It is one thing for these operators to read guidelines and attend seminars that run through the correct procedures, but there needs to be continued awareness of the inherent risks and responsibilities that are included. If this city is going to thrive and expansion with a variety of building developments into 2020 and beyond, these protocols and behaviours must flourish.