In an office workplace environment, there is always room for enhanced efficiency. Whether it be in the form of motivating staff to be more productive or updating redundant system; you should always be on the lookout for ways to improve workflow.

In a busy workplace, interruptions can be particularly problematic when it comes to efficiency and productivity. Humans find hard to focus but easy to become distracted, meaning that unnecessary interruptions, no matter how small, can easily thwart and otherwise productive workday.

If your office needs to make and receive a lot of phone calls, then interruptions can be major disruptions. If you’re in a phone call with an important new prospect, then being interrupted by a colleague can be awkward at best and disastrous at worst.

In situations like these, the presence of a busylight system can make all of the difference. It essentially works as a traffic light for your desk, letting colleagues know with a simple LED colour display whether you’re busy in a call or not.

This is especially useful in workplaces where everyone uses headsets to communicate with customers, as it can be hard to tell if your colleague is listening to a call or is simply wearing their headset. The busylight provides a simple, common-sense solution to issues of call interruptions in the office.

Let’s take a look at all of the benefits it has for your office productivity.


1.     No more interruptions

The most obvious benefit of installing a busylight system in your office is that it will greatly reduce the amount of counterproductive workplace interruptions you experience. With the system in place and some basic training, everyone in the office will be fully aware of the call status of their colleagues so that they don’t accidentally interrupt them.

This means that everyone will always be able to complete their calls without fear of interruption, making them far more confident and therefore more effective in their roles. Be able to subtly remind everyone around you that you are busy in a call allows you to fully commit to listening without looking over your shoulder to see who might be trying to get your attention.


2.     Improving morale of employees

Let’s face it, nobody likes being interrupted. A particularly lengthy and frustrating interruption in the office can leave you feeling demotivated because you don’t feel like you have accomplished as much as you could have.

Installing a busylight system will help improve morale in the office by removing these annoying interruptions and allowing everyone to feel useful. This means that everyone will go home at the end of the day feeling as though they got as much done as they could and will generally feel better about their job.


3.     Can be used for other tasks instead of just calls

The great thing about busylight technology is that it isn’t just restricted to phone calls. The software can be synced up with pretty much anything.

For example, if your job involved writing lots of emails, then you could synch the busylight to show you as ‘engaged’ when you open your mail program. If you needed to write content in a word processor, then you could do the same thing when opening that program.

This means you will be able to fully focus on the task at hand as your colleagues will know that you’re engaged in something that needs your full attention. While the benefit of this may seem small, the amount of avoided interruptions will add up significantly and ultimately positively effect your workplace productivity.