Local companies can struggle to gain a foothold in the market when they are placed against strong competitors who have more resources and a wider reach.

Earning a quality reputation cannot be achieved overnight, but there are measures that can accelerate the process.

Branding designers from Creades are often introduced to outsource one key requirement in this regard – building an identity.

Whether it is crafting a new logo, developing a visual identity or simply providing a voice to the voiceless, they step into the breach to offer tangible solutions where there would otherwise be none.

Let us examine in more detail the role Creades play for local businesses who wish to strive for higher ground but don’t have the internal resources to make that happen.


Establishing Goals and Objectives

It is always important to enjoy the journey rather than be concerned about the final outcome, but branding designers have to operate under a different set of rules. In this setting there is a need to consult with clients and sit down to discuss the short, medium and long-term objectives of the organisation. Crafting a brand image cannot be executed if the business fails to develop a picture about their unique characteristics, the demographics and behaviours of their consumer base and elements of the enterprise that makes them an attractive proposition. Once these talks have been held and the targets have been written in black and white, further action can be taken.


Accessing Data Through Research Endeavours

Local companies will vary on the spectrum when it comes to the data they use to make informed decisions. On one end there will be organisations that have a small subsection of loyal customers who don’t change with their behaviours or demands. On the other end there will be businesses that have a diverse range of consumers who they cater to and they have to have their finger on the pulse of their habits. Branding designers enter the fray in this regard to sift through real time data, take onboard user feedback and adapt their strategy according to this terrain.


Synchronising Online and Offline Branding

Whilst large conglomerates and the big end of town can often focus solely on digital engagement given their global reach, local businesses have to match two core components – online and offline marketing. Branding designers aim to synchronise these two elements together by integrating a logo, style, tone and message across the website, social media, search engine advertising, print media, television, radio and more. If there is a breakdown in this consistency, that will communicate to constituents that even the company doesn’t know who they are or what purpose they serve.


Entering The Customer Subconscious

You only have to say the phrase ‘I’m Loving It’ or ‘Just Do It’ and automatically people think about a particular brand. That is the power that branding designers can offer on a local scale for businesses that want to portray themselves through a unique lens with their constituents. The very term of a ‘brand’ can be ambiguous and intangible but through the use of clever and simple messaging, the customer subconscious can be influenced in a dramatic way. The use of branding designers gives organisations a chance to stand out in a crowded marketplace and when that subconscious influence begins to emerge, it is easier to promote new products and services to people who are already engaged.



The fruits of branding designers might not be felt on day zero of their campaign, but their hard work will pay dividends in the weeks, months and years to follow. From the perspective of an average customer many businesses from various fields can feel opaque but these specialist operators provide order, structure and targeted actions that are aimed towards improving the brand.