What makes a family lawyer Sydney based an attractive proposition for potential clients?

These are institutions who enter the equation often at the worst times in people’s lives.

When a separation is taking place or there are key disputes over ownership, property and debt to child payments and custody or domestic abuse matters, it will require an experienced and expert third party to navigate these waters and lead all parties to a satisfactory conclusion – if there has not been egregious or criminal conduct.

Each firm will have their own unique selling point, from the win-loss record to a strong community reputation or a willingness to focus on one core element of family law.

Let us outline what would sell a Sydney practice to a potential client.


Offering Personal Support

Family law firms in Sydney do not operate as councilors or mental health experts. They might be able to refer clients to these parties at the appropriate time, but dealing with emotional and mental issues is not applicable to their job description. However, the ability to offer personal support and guidance does help to alleviate anxiety and stress. Individuals who are going through the courts to sort through a divorce, domestic abuse case or child custody dispute have a tenancy to let emotion get the better of them where judgment becomes clouded. One of the core features is to give that personal support.


Dispute Resolution Tactics

Family law firms in Sydney will try their utmost to avoid seeing a separated couple take their dispute to court. These proceedings are costly and often adversarial where any children involved become victims and even bargaining chips, an awful scenario where there are no real victors. With legal organisations in this field offering their services, they have the ability to maneuver and manage these affairs by coming to the table, offering concessions and compromises before forging a path ahead where individuals and children can maintain a respectable living standard. This takes collaboration between each spouse and their representatives.


Navigating Through Procedural Matters

Family law firms in Sydney will have their own unique laws and standards that have to be adhered to that will contrast to counterparts in other states and territories. That might not be overtly evident to a client from the outset, but these intricate nuances are part of the proposition. For a spouse who has moved to another part of the country towards Brisbane, Adelaide or Melbourne, there could be an extension of the procedural matters that draws out the conflict and confuses the issue further.


Mitigating Against Risk

child custody

Bad decisions are made and impulsive actions are embraced when the stakes for the client are high. Family law firms in Sydney add value towards individuals when their solicitors have the capability to calm the emotion and ensure that any risk is mitigated against. From child custody battles to custodianship, alimony payments, domestic violence charges or filing for divorce, these legal organisations become an asset when they can deliver a proposition that might not be overtly satisfactory, but it limits the exposure that their client would face if the case proceeded.


Working as an Impartial Presence

What family law firms in Sydney can offer their client above anything else is impartial counsel that guides citizens towards outcomes based on facts and evidence. They have no conflicts of interest or a personal stake, simply a professional duty to uphold the law and provide their expertise. These skills can be showcased through aggressive prosecutorial tactics, a strong defence counsel or the capacity to mediate a dispute.



No two family law firms in Sydney are identical. Source these outlets for a zero obligation consultation and cross-reference their credentials with online sources and personal references. They will be a sound investment when the stakes are high.