In today’s world of increasing options and ever-present information, the customer experience is paramount to a company’s success. According to actual data, 80% of businesses surveyed say they are delivering superior customer service. In reality, only 8% of corresponding customers surveyed felt they actually received a superior customer experience. This is an alarming statistic and should hit home for everyone. Whether you are in education, software, hardware, or any other type of industry, as soon as you have one customer you enter the business of customer service.

Couple this thought with the fact that entities that exceed at the customer experience are also those that are growing the fastest and the importance of the customer experience becomes crystal clear. Customers are smart, and they can access a huge amount of information about you and your product through the computer in their pockets. Scary stuff, right? As a result, many business decisions are customer driven. What is the end product of this combination? As your business and competition in your field grows, the customer experience you develop can become a huge competitive advantage.